The History of the Village


The situation of the village near the sea has encouraged settlement throughout the ages. Around the village, many artefacts from different periods have been found: carved flints, remains of pottery, statues, ruins of old buildings etc which suggest that this area of the coast has always been populated. The Celts, Romans and Vikings in turn settled here and no doubt mixed and participated in the different medieval struggles: invasions, the Crusades and the Hundred Years’ War.

At this time, it was above all a parish belonging to the Abbey of Conches (Eure), supervised by the monks living in a monastery near the church. Later the monks left and the lands were left to the Lords of LONGUEIL, who eventually ceded them to Jehan ANGO at the beginning of the 16th century. Since that period, the population of VARENGEVILLE SUR MER has participated in many of the tragic and happy events throughout history.


In 1789, at the Revolution, the commune was attached to the canton of BOURG DUN and in 1801, following reorganisation of the communes; VARENGEVILLE –SUR- MER was permanently attached to the canton of OFFRANVILLE. The Napoleonic wars also involved its inhabitants as can be seen from the tomb of one of the Emperor’s foot soldiers, Jacques-Antoine DANOIS who, having well-earned his retirement from the army, became the village tax collector.

The village war memorial proves that the wars of 1870, 1914 and 1939 also took their toll on the population. In 1940, the German army occupied the village. On the 19th August 1942, VARENGEVILLE –SUR- MER was the theatre for the brilliant actions of the British commando force under Lord Lovat that destroyed the German battery situated at VASTERIVAL. It was only on September 1st 1944 with the arrival of the Canadians, that the enemy left the area.

Since the end of the 19th century, VARENGEVILLE SUR MER has become a residential village, a favourite place for painters, musicians, writers, artists and nature lovers.

Translation: Alison Dufour

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