These maps are to guide you during your walks along the coast from the Saane valley (between Quiberville and Sainte Marguerite) to the Scie valley, whose estuary is at Pourville-sur-Mer( commune of Hautot-sur-Mer).

Signposts indicate the different monuments in the area:
the Ailly lighthouse
the Parc des Moutiers
the clifftop graveyard and the church
the Manoir d’Ango.
The walks take you through wooded areas with viewpoints over the sea and the plains where the Caux plateau begins.

The Red Line : corresponds to the GR 21 (national hiking route) and the walk takes about 3 hours.
The Blue Line : is a walk from the church to Vasterival taking about an hour.
The Green Line : takes you through small local paths and roads and lasts one hour.

Some areas are damp so remember to wear suitable footwear. You are requested to respect the environment by leaving no rubbish and doing no damage.

Translation: Alison Dufour

Nous Contacter :

Mairie de Varengeville sur Mer
 47, route de Dieppe - 76119 Varengeville sur Mer

Tél : 02 35 85 12 46

Horaires d'ouverture des bureaux:
Lundi, mercredi et vendredi de 10h à 12h

Réalisation PhP Consultant - 06 60 78 08 37

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