The Parc des Moutiers

The park is situated beside the sea on the coast of Upper Normandy, 12 Km from Dieppe, 200 Km from Calais, 190 Km from Paris, four hours by ship from England (Newhaven- Dieppe line) and near the airports of Dieppe and Rouen.

The Bois des Moutiers was born of the desire of Guillaume Mallet and his wife Adélaïde to build a house and park which would represent a synthesis of their respective cultures, aspirations and beliefs.

The extraordinary result favours links between peoples. With its mature garden, the Bois des Moutiers is today a place of universal values. If the evident beauty of the site, of the garden and of the architecture of the house strike the visitor on first discovering this living treasure, the influence of the Bois des Moutiers goes far beyond its aesthetic and recreational aspects.

It remains one of those places where the spirit remains wakeful, where all the senses are called upon. Mary Mallet, Guillaume Mallet’s daughter-in-law, who died in 2004, gave the place its soul.



Fermeture du parc pour travaux

The site dominates the sea. The talent of Sir Edwin Lutyens and the landscape gardener, Miss Gertrude Jekyll, together with the passion of four generations of the Mallet family, have made this place into a first class tourist and cultural site, internationally recognised for its architectural, botanic and artistic qualities. The house, as well as the park and gardens, are Arts and Craft style and have been registered in the Supplementary Inventory of Historical Monuments.

This site is classified as a Historical Monument and Remarkable Garden.

Flowering times at Varengeville
March-April : Magnolias, bell-flowered rhododendrons, blue azaleas, heathers, andromedas, camellias, wild spring flowers
May : Rhododendrons, azaleas, viburnum, clematis
June : Roses, rhododendrons, American azaleas
July : Japanese iris, cistus, heathers, roses, astilbes, summer rhododendrons
August : hydrangeas, roses, eucryphias, crocosmias, astilbes
September : hydrangeas, roses, clematis, asters
October : autumn colours, hydrangeas, late roses
November : autumn colours, Japanese maples, liquidambars

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