Open every day on appointment for groups of 15 people, (10 in winter). Guided visit.
Jardins de Vasterival
76119 Sainte Marguerite sur Mer



In 1922, this property was bought by Albert Roussel, who died in Varengeville in 1937 and had engraved on his tomb: “It is overlooking the sea that we shall end our lives and, slumbering, hear afar its eternal murmuring.”

After the war, the Princess Sturdza bought the property, undertook the renovation of the park and made it into one of the most magnificent and surprising gardens in France and even in Europe.

This nine-hectare garden, thought out and calculated down to the last inch, well-protected from the wind by hedges of cypress, birch and willow, brings together 10,000 plant species and remains magical at any season, forming a garden unique on earth.

Magnolias, camellias, pink Vasterival hydrangeas, roses climbing up the trees, the subtle tones of the rhododendrons and azaleas make this garden a magical place, where the rarest species are neighbours of the simplest flowers and both compose a changing bouquet, day after day, season after season.

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Translation : Alison Dufour


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